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Automated CPanel backup solution.

Set and forget, backup to remote FTP or Amazon S3

You should always keep a backup copy of your website and not completely rely on the backup provided by your web host. You never know how they backup your data and how long it take to recover them when needed. Keeping several different backups in different locations can save your world in case something really bad happen.

We offer solution to automate CPanel full backup. Use our script to generate daily full backup file, including MYSQL database dump and CPanel configuration files. You have an option to store backup file in home directory, remote ftp server or in Amazon S3.

Storing backup files in Amazon S3 is not only cost effective and safe, but it give you full control of your files and ability to consolidate all of your backup needs in one secure place.

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Having multiple versions of backup files give you choice to rollback data at a certain point in time.

Easy to install

Installation require no technical knowledge. All you need is to know how to upload files and operating CPanel control panel.

Multiple accounts

Install once to backup multple accounts on different server. For Amazon S3 backup, it must be installed in the same account.

No need WHM

It is no need to have access to WHM Reseller or root. It use regular user level CPanel access on secure port 2083.

Amazon S3

Store backup files in low cost Amazon S3 cloud service. Your files are safe stored in multiple datacenter used by Amazon.


I cannot thank you enough for offering the incredibly efficient and relevant cPanel backup software for use on my server. It's just been a few days since I installed it following your easy to understand and well-illustrated instructions. Yet each time the backup automatically runs and appears in my S3 bucket I'm so thankful I took the time to find your website. It's very reassuring to know this process continues on its own every night without worry or fuss.

Thanks for all your help, Dody. I am a most appreciative customer. I wish you much success in your future work.

Mike Sagman, Editor
The Dog Food Advisor


What does this script do?

cPanelBackup Script help to automate create full backup of cPanel account. This backup include everything such as emails, databases, and files. Without this script, you should go to cPanel account then perform full backup. Manually everytime you want to create a backup. This can be risk, because there is days when we are too busy with other things and easily forget create backup. In addition, cPanelBackup Script can store the backup file to Amazon S3 which is this feature is not available with cPanel alone.

Can I use this script for other hosting panel?

No. This script only work for cPanel account. Your web hosting must use cPanel to manage hosting account.

What is Amazon S3?

It is cloud storage service provided by Please see Amazon S3 overview for more detail.

How much does Amazon charge for S3?

Amazon will charge per GB storage and per data transfer used. $0.140 per GB storage and $0.120 per GB data transfer. If you are a new Amazon Web Service user, you will have AWS Free Usage Tier. Please see Amazon S3 pricing for more detail.

What is the benefit storing backup to S3?

S3 allows you to have unlimited data storage and relative cheaper compared with traditional hosting account. Also S3 is a cloud service, which mean the data is stored in multiple datacenter to gain high availability standard.

Can I use this script without S3?

Yes. You can automate backup then store the backup file in remote FTP account or cpanel home directory.

I have many websites with individual cPanel account. Can I install once for all websites?

If you store backup to remote FTP or home directory, then the answer is YES you can. Just install once for all websites. But in order to store into S3, you need to install the script for each cPanel account.