• Rob
    "Just wanted to say how amazing the customer support and forum is now, you guys really are putting in a lot of work and I think a lot of people really appreciate it. I'm really enjoying testing out all the new features, so I hope you don't mind when I post any little bug that I find, I really believe that IndexU is the best directory script and I really enjoy being a part of the forums, and trying to help out anyone. Since I'm in New Zealand, I'm sometimes around when you guys are probably asleep, so I try and offer a bit advice to the people in the forum if I can, Even if it's just to reassure them until you get a proper fix.. Once again, Great work guys!"
  • Voyageur
    "I just want to say that IndexU is the best directory link available on the web (everybody know this), the support is 100% satisfaction and the price is very cheap, IndexU deserve a higher price but we are happy with actual price!"
  • ekirbiz
    "Indexu was the best directory script. I love Indexu very much. I could easily edit where i want in last edition. Multi-language is the best feature in new edition. Thanks for your works."
  • rpur62
    "It's extremely easy to work with and customize. The service I received was second to none on installation and quite honestly I can't find anything I don't like about the script."
  • linksor.com
    "This is very good script and I love it. Good for any kind of spiders. The only problem is ... I cant find problems"
  • jromano
    "I have been using the Nicecoder script for 3 months now, and I have to say, it is an incredibly good platform and relatively easy to customize. Also, the help that I received from the community forums is amazing."
  • Hart_House
    "Indexu is a website portal solution product that can help any webmaster get a professional website up in a matter of minutes."
  • Veg
    "Indexu is one of the best products that I have seen when it comes to portal products. It is easy to use and the team behind it seems to listen to the end-users suggestions (and sometimes complains) so that they can improve the quality of Indexu."
  • Shophere
    "Over the past year I have greatly modify Indexu, including adding other scripts within Indexu. This has proven to be simple with just a little experience and experimentation. The template system has allowed me to customise my site and make changes while the site is live - without risking any off line time and losing valuable customers."
  • ebooksads
    "First, I don't have all the time in the world to learn programming and I'm not a programmer by any means. Just no enough to make things work. So installing Indexu was no brainer. I love how easy it was to install compared to other link scripts I have attempted or installed in the past. Very user friendly.
    Second, the control panel is great! I'm able to do my updates on the go on any computer with internet access. No need for any type of editor programs. Third, despite some few bugs, I think it's only minor and will be fix in later release. There's a lot of features that I don't particular need, but can turn them off or just remove " them out. Very easy to do."